Lonzo Ball, Blink Twice If You Need Rescuing

I have been on an absolute roller coaster of emotions with the Ball family over the last two months.
Eight months ago, I had no idea who LaVar Ball was. I barely knew who Lonzo Ball was. What I did know was that his little brother was calling his shots from half court. But other than that, the family rarely crossed my mind.
Then LaVar Ball burst onto the scene like a new WWE heel and I immediately started to despise the entire family. I went from not knowing who Lonzo Ball was to fully hoping his NBA career is a failure. Then I bet on UCLA a couple of times in the early rounds of the tournament, so I began to root for Lonzo while still totally despising LaVar. Then, after a while, I just found myself feeling kind of sorry for Lonzo. I mean, imagine having to walk around life with everyone on Earth knowing that man is your father. I don’t care what he’s like behind the scenes. Perception is reality and the national perception is that your father is a clown. Your father is supposed to be your superhero, not a source of embarrassment.
Now, after about six weeks of varying emotions towards the Ball family, I have decided that I just straight up feel bad for Lonzo and hope he succeeds despite his father’s antics. Having LaVar Ball as your father is as much of a punishment as any person deserves in life.
I mean, just look at the kid: he looks MISERABLE.

Lonzo, blink twice if you need rescuing. And if your dad ever pushes you too far, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

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