22-Year-Old Oklahoma Cop Shot & Killed After Traffic Stop

Justin Terney, an Oklahoma cop, has died from his injuries after being shot while chasing a fleeing suspect after a traffic stop. 22-year-old Terney had just joined the Tecumseh Police Department last year.
Terney died from his injuries in the hospital on the morning of Monday, March 27, after suffering three gunshot wounds during the confrontation the night before.
The incident began when Terney pulled over a vehicle in Tecumseh around 11:30 P.M. on the night of Sunday, March 26.
Terney was patting down the unnamed suspect when the man ran off towards a wooded area near Benson Park in Oklahoma. Terney shot the escaping suspect with a taser but the shot had no effect on him, according to the Tecumseh Police Department. Terney then pursued the suspect on foot when the man opened fire, striking the 22-year-old three times in the stomach. Terney returned fire, hitting the suspect four times.
Both Terney and the suspect were brought to the hospital. Terney remained in critical condition until he passed away due to his injuries around 9:00 A.M. on March 27.

“Our departments need all the prayers we can get at this point. We got officers who’s never experienced this, never been through anything like this,” said J.R. Kidney, Assistant Police Chief for the Tecumseh Police Department.

The suspect remains in ICU.

What Happened?

Justin Terney, a 22-year-old police officer, died from his injuries after being shot three times by a suspect who tried to flee a traffic stop.
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Who Was Justin Terney?

Justin Terney was a 22-year-old police officer for the Tecumseh Police Department in Oklahoma.

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