Oregon High Schooler Drowns After Log She Was Standing On Pinned Her Underwater

Aurora Genai Sheffel, a high school cheerleader from Eugene, Oregon, died  on the beach with her friends during spring break.
Sheffel, 14, and her friends were standing on a log before the log they were playing on rolled on top of her, trapping her underwater.
While bystanders were eventually able to pull Sheffel free from the log, she eventually died at a local hospital soon after.
Via Register-Guard:

David Wederquist said during an emotional phone conversation Sunday that Sheffel and two of her friends were playing on the log at the start of spring break. Her two friends jumped off; she didn’t.

“They were just taking pictures and posing,” he said. The tide was receding heavily, according to a news release from Sgt. Kyle Hove of the Oregon State Police. Bystanders were able to pull her out from under the log and call for help about 4 p.m. Saturday. A Bandon police officer administered CPR, and paramedics attempted life­saving measures, but Sheffel died at Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center in Bandon soon afterward.

Wederquist also told the Register-Guard that Sheffel was celebrating her recent selection to North Eugene High School’s varsity cheerleading squad,  a rare feat for a freshman.

“She was really mostly a nerd,” he said, affection in his voice. “Straight As. But she thought she’d give cheerleading a try.”

The North Eugene cheerleading team released the following statement on their Facebook page:

Sadness in the loss of an amazing highlander cheerleader. Aurora left us yesterday after a terrible and unexpected tragedy. She was only a freshman but was already such an amazing person and cheerleader. Aurora was a happy person and her excitement for life was truly contagious. You couldn’t help but smile when you were around her. She was a great big sister and she loved loved loved her little ones.
To my squad: let us remember that although Aurora was small in size she always made a big impact on each of us and the ripple of her loss will create waves of love we will have to let wash over us. We will share in the memories and the sorrow because no one person can handle it all.#flyhighlilone #foreveraflyer #squadstrong.

A GoFundMe page was created to cover Sheffel’s funeral expenses and has exceeded the $5000 requested in less than 10 hours.

What Happened?

Aurora Genai Sheffel, a 14-year-old Oregon high schooler, died while  on the beach during spring break, after the log her and her friends were playing on rolled on top of her.
Sheffel was killed when the log she and friends were standing on shifted and rolled on top of her, trapping her underwater.

Who Was Aurora Genai Sheffel?

Aurora Genai Sheffel was a 14-year-old Oregon high schooler who was a varsity cheerleader on the North Eugene cheerleading team.
Her father said she was “mostly a nerd” but she gave cheerleading a try anyway.

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