Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Continue To Make An Absolute Joke Of Their 'Life' Interviews

On Monday, I brought you this video of Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds making an absolute mockery of their press junket interview for Life. Just two blindingly handsome dudes, cracking jokes, goofing off, and not giving a flying SHIT about the guy seated across from them doing his job, it made for a wildly entertaining video.
So, when Gyllenhaal opens up the video with this bombshell of a quote…

“Canada had sex with America, and then they made the two of them, and they are twins. And both of them tried to eat each other in the womb but they didn’t, they survived, and because of the trauma, they both became actors. And that’s why the two of them are actors.”

… you know you’re in for a good video.
Anyway, this one is way better than the first one. I don’t say this often, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Because when you got two of the most charismatic dudes on the earth shitting on each other, it’s a win for everyone (ex: Gyllenhaal saying Reynolds wanted to do Deadpool because he was desperate for a job). Based on the fact that they’re wearing the same shirts as the first video, it’s clear these were all taped in the same day. However, it’s also clear that this one was taped later in the day, cause these dudes brains are straight fried.


Also, can I just point how patently f*cking insane Gyllenhaal looks. Those eyes — our dude looks like he hasn’t shaken off that Nightcrawler role in him just yet.
That said, let it be known I think Jake Gyllenhaal is the best actor of his generation, and will one day be regarded as the greatest of all time. Just wait until he wins an Oscar and it’ll be straight floodgates. You heard it here first.

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