Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds Screwing Around In This Interview Is The Best Video Of The Day

The first point I want to make is that this video hurts both my eyes, and then more importantly, my soul.
Putting this much attractiveness in one frame shouldn’t be legal. Calling it now, Life is going to make wayyy more money then analysts are predictable because people are going to show up in droves just to look at Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal for two hours. So, that’s why my eyes hurt, cause watching these two in the same interview is like looking at the sun.
As for my soul, I just can’t wrap my head around there being TWO of these guys walking around the Earth. I’m not big on communism in real life, but I can’t help but think sharing some of Reynolds and Gylleenhaal’s good looks, talent, and charm to the rest of us regular folk.
Anyway, after having to do probably a billion of these over the course of their careers, Reynolds and Gyllenhaal said ‘f*ck it’ and goofed off for a couple of hours, providing us with probably the most entertaining videos of the day.



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