Irish Crime Boss Bought A Cargo Ship The Size Of Three Soccer Fields To Carry His Drugs

Christy Kinahan, an Irish drug lord, is believed to have bought a cargo ship the size of ‘three football pitches’ to carry his illegal narcotics cargo around the world.
Kinahan, also known as ‘the Irish Godfather,’ is said to have purchased the massive container ship to transport drugs between Ireland and the UK.
Kinahan, the head of a European drug cartel, has registered the ship in Liberia, Africa, in order to avoid authorities. While he is using the ship to transport legitimate items such as cars and food, he is also shipping millions of dollars worth of guns and narcotics.
The boat is called ‘The Dapper Don.’
A source told the Irish Mirror:

“Christy Kinahan doesn’t have to smuggle drugs across borders anymore because he spent millions buying his own container ship. The ship can go all over the world stuffed with drugs and guns but also carries legitimate cargo products too.
“He is the first criminal to buy one of these, with legitimate deliveries.
“This ship is almost as big as three football fields.
“But officers are finding it hard to pin down because there are so many of these same ships in ports across the world.”

Kinahan, who resides in Dubai, is reported to have an estimated net worth of about one billion dollars.

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