Welcome To Canada, Where Friendly Dogs Run Next To… Nopeee, That's A Wolf

This is just so god damn Canadian that it has to be shared.
I’m from New Jersey, so the extent of my experience with animals on the road begins and ends with deer.
But not in Canada. Nah. In Canada, they have fully grown wolves sprinting alongside you.
I don’t know much about the ins and outs of our neighbors from the north, but I’d have to assume this is in a somewhat remote area. If you have black wolves patrolling the streets 15 minutes outside of Toronto, you have a real issue.
Via CBC:

 A woman driving on Highway 3 to work office in Edzo, N.W.T., filmed two black wolves running alongside her on the road on Friday.
Rhonda Miller recorded the encounter on her phone. She said when she spotted the first animal, she thought it was a man walking down the road.
“I thought that was strange because you don’t normally see people walking on the road that far out. I slowed down a bit and I got closer. I thought it was a bear, and I thought, it can’t be a bear because it was the wrong time of year,” said Miller. Then she spotted a second animal.
“My body immediately became afraid. I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws,” Miller said. Miller said she followed the animals for a couple minutes in her car and filmed them as she passed. She said the wolves were running “flat out.”
“So many men have asked, how fast were they going? Had I been a man I may have looked. I don’t know. I think between 40 and 50 [km/h]…  it was fast.”

Just imagine: it’s early, it’s cold, you’re commuting to work, and a fully grown 200-pound wolf BOOKING it down the highway at 30 MPH. Horrifying.


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