Attempted Terror Attack In Antwerp, Belgium, Stopped By Police Before Any Harm Was Done

A man has been arrested in the Belgian city of Antwerp after he attempted to drive into the Meir shopping street at high speeds on Thursday, police said. Authorities managed to stop the 39-year-old French driver and detain him before he was able to harm anyone.
Weapons were found in the unidentified man’s car, including a riot gun, as well as a can containing “a product still undetermined,” according to the prosecutor’s office.
The car, which is registered in France, was driving at a very high speed towards a crowd when it was stopped.
Via CNN:

Belgian police intercepted a car that was speeding toward a busy shopping area and refused to stop, authorities said Thursday. The car, registered in France, was driving “at a very high speed” in central Antwerp, the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said. ¬†French President Francois Hollande called the incident “an attempted terrorist attack.”

“At different times, pedestrians were put at risk,” the prosecutor’s office said. “When soldiers attempted to intercept the vehicle, it fled.”

Video was obtained of the suspect’s car being taken away.
The attempted attack comes just a day after a terrorist attack in London left four people dead and dozens injured.

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