Delta Gamma Shuts Down Its Chapter At UConn Following Death Of Sorority Sister

The Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Connecticut has been shut down following the tragic death of sophomore Jeffny Pally last fall.
Pally, 19, was killed on the night of October 16, 2016, when she was run over by a university fire department vehicle responding to a false alarm call. Pally’s body was not found by university firefighters until about 30 minutes later. Pally, 19, died from injuries to her head and torso. Pally’s BAC was more than three times the legal limit in the state of Connecticut.
Last month, six fraternity members were charged in connection to her death. Now, Pally’s former sorority, Delta Gamma, announced on Monday, March 20, that they would be shutting down as a result of the incident, which took place in October.
On March 20, Delta Gamma said it notified the Epsilon Pi sorority chapter at the University of Connecticut about its decision to close the doors on the chapter.

“The tragic death of a new member greatly affected Delta Gamma Fraternity and caused council to reflect on the member experience at Epsilon Pi,” president Stacia Rudge Skoog said. “The decision to close a chapter is never easy, but council strongly feels it is in the best interest of the chapter and University of Connecticut community.”

According to CBS, information discovered during a recent university investigation into an unregistered event, combined with repeated policy violations over the last several years, led to the decision to close the chapter.
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