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Kim DePaola Photos: Must-See Pictures Of ‘Real Housewives’ Star


Two men have been found shot dead execution-style in a burned-out car belonging to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola.

One of the victims is believed to be a friend of the reality star’s son, Chris, who borrowed the vehicle last week. Though neither men have been officially identified by authorities, it is believed one of the victims was Aaron Anderson, 27, who took Chris to the airport in the Audi on Thursday night and has not been seen since.

DePaola released the following statement on Instagram:

Thank you to everyone for your support!!!!

A post shared by Kim DePaola (@kimdposche) on

DePaola is a boutique owner who made a name for herself on Real Housewives as a troublemaker. During her time in the main cast, she was the center of more than a few scandals, including accusing co-star Melissa Gorga as working as a stripper in the season four finale.

The 56-year-old appeared in 20 episodes of the popular reality TV series between 2010-2013.

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