March Madness Bracket Names 2017: Top 10 Best & Funniest

The hardest part about making your bracket for the NCAA Tournament would be picking the winners in each round, but for some, it’s finding the perfect name for the bracket. From Lavar Ball personally trying to break the internet to Grayson Allen tripping whatever he can find, there is a ton of material to choose from this year.
Finding the right name for your bracket is the icing on the cake and you won’t want to make the wrong decision. So with that, here is a list of some of the best names circulating around the internet for tournament challenge brackets.

10. Ball So Hard University

march madness best bracket names

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Whether it’s his dad claiming he could take Michael Jordan one on one or his own individual play alone, Lonzo Ball has managed to continuously make headlines. This bracket name is perfect for the path this college basketball player has taken, especially for the Ball family. By choosing a name like this, you better be confident in your bracket.

9. I Still Hate Laettner

march madness best bracket names

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No matter what, if you’re not a Duke fan, you probably hate Christian Laettner’s guts. Picking this name for your bracket this year is bold and might be an indication that you’re not picking Duke to win it all this year. Vegas is predicting Duke to have the best odds to cut down the nets in Phoenix. Either way, if you hate Duke basketball, this bracket name is perfect for you.

8. Crying Jordans

march madness best bracket names

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The “Crying Jordan” memes are so popular that the original picture of Jordan looks fake, especially after his speech at the UNC vs. Duke regular season game claiming the “ceiling is the roof” for the football program. The meme that just seems to never go away makes for a classic bracket name.

7. Calipari’s Recruiting Budget

march madness best bracket names

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The recruiting classes that John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats bring in each year are remarkable. Obviously, Kentucky is a storied program, but sometimes the number of elite prospects the school receives each and every year don’t even make sense, ie. John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, and Malik Monk. I don’t know what you’re doing Calipari, but keep doing it. In that case, this is an awesome name to choose.

6. Court Stormers

march madness best bracket names

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Upsets are what make college basketball so great and March Madness so crazy. Court storming is just the logical thing to come after. There’s nothing like watching a game featuring a no-name team that they have no business being in and then watching them pull off the unthinkable. Seeing fans and students storm the court is unlike any other. If you plan on picking all the underdogs in this year’s bracket, this name could be the route to go.

5. One Man Wolf Pack

march madness best bracket names

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This name is a reference to The Hangover franchise but is one of the ultimate bracket names. In the end, the fate of your bracket comes down to one person and one person only, and that’s the one filling it out. You really are a one man wolf pack, praying for things to go your way in March. With money (in most cases) and glory on the line, One Man Wolf Pack is the way to go.

4. Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

march madness best bracket names

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For all of you defending champs or anyone convinced they have the perfect bracket, well, here is the perfect name. There’s always that one person in the bracket group who is way too cocky each year and is ready to take everyone’s money at the end of the tournament. These are usually the people whose brackets get busted in the round of 64, but regardless, if you want to be that guy, definitely choose this name.

3. Big Bluegrass Nation

march madness best bracket names

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For all you bandwagon Kentucky fans, here’s another name for you. Kentucky tends to always have on the youngest and most talented squads in the nation. When the Wildcats put it all together, they are a very scary team and have shown that they have the capability to beat pretty much anyone in the country. If you’re feeling Kentucky this year, don’t shy away from this name.

2. The Louisville Escorts

march madness best bracket names

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This one is pure gold. I think just about everyone has heard about the Louisville escort scandal from last fall, marking four major NCAA violations. Essentially, strippers were hired by the program to lure recruits during visits to the university; Rick Pitino, you savage. Along with this ridiculous story, the Cardinals are one of the best teams in the nation and have a shot to make a deep run in the tournament. If you want to have one of the best names in your March Madness group, pick this one.

1. Sweep the Leg, Grayson

march madness best bracket names
Everyone knew this was coming. There are way too many bracket names for Duke and Grayson Allen, but this one is definitely my favorite. Grayson Allen has solidified his legacy as the new Duke villain with tripping incident after tripping incident. You either hate the Blue Devils or love them, and there is nothing in between. If you’re a member of the Cameron Crazies, there’s a good chance you picked Duke to win it all. With that, here’s the clear choice for your bracket name.

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