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Antonio Brown Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Antonio Brown Worth Now?


Antonio Brown Net Worth Today

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ top wide receiver Antonio Brown is set to make a ton of money in the coming years. NFL free agency gives us an opportunity to explore his contract and just how much the Steelers will pay the best wide receiver in the NFL. If Brown were to never play a snap again after the 2017 season, he could still be set for life.

Antonio Brown’s Net Worth as of 2017: $13 Million

Antonio Brown is one of the NFL’s most incredible wide receivers, so it should not be shocking that he is also one of the league’s highest paid. But how has Brown accumulated his wealth? Let’s find out.

2010 – 2011

Antonio Brown Net Worth 2011

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Brown’s contract was fairly typical for new NFL wide receivers at the time. His signing bonus was a mere $73,000. His salary for the 2010 season was $320,000, as his first contract with Pittsburgh was worth only $1,200,000. This continued into 2011, when he was slated to make $450,000, a fairly low rate for a player of his caliber.

2012 – 2016

Antonio Brown Net Worth 2016

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In 2012, Brown signed a $42.5 million contract extension that instantly gave him $8,500 with a base salary of $540,000. As his level of play increased on the field, he began to earn more, especially when he hit certain incentives in his contract. In 2013, Brown earned the bulk of his money for the season in his roster bonus, which was worth $2.5 million. His base salary that season was only $650,000. After restructuring his contract again, he was given a bonus of $3.8 million.

In 2014, the star wide receiver had a base salary of $730,000, however his bonus was an incredible $5.2 million. The Steelers were pushing the majority of his earnings into his salary bonus to help free up cap space, but Brown’s biggest payday was yet to come. At the start of the NFL league year in 2015, Brown earned a base salary of $1 million but had $2 million added from previous restructures.

He earned $24,700 in incentives after he had an incredible season. The next season he would really cash in as a star and earn most of the money that was available in his contract. He would earn $10.25 million throughout the course of the season, which was his biggest collective payday to up to that point. In the final year of his first contract, he was set to earn a base salary of $910,000.

This was similar to how the Steelers treated his salary before, but the main difference was that instead of $1 or $2 million they converted the $19 million he was set to earn into his signing bonus. This not only gave Pittsburgh some breathing room in terms of cap space, but it also gave the star wide receiver the most money he had earned in a single season.


Antonio Brown Net Worth 2017

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Brown recently signed a four-year extension with the Steelers worth a total of $68,000,000. This could be the biggest contract of his career and should go a long way to making him a Pittsburgh Steeler for life.

During the Steelers’ last run for the playoffs, Brown kicked off his brand new sponsorship deal with Facebook, recording himself and his teammates on Facebook Live. The incident landed him in some hot water with Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, but it probably netted him a pretty big check. Plenty of other big name sponsorships should be in Brown’s immediate future as he is one of the NFL’s most famous and productive players.

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