NCAA Tournament 2017 Live Stream: How To Watch March Madness Online

If you’re stuck at work or school and can’t get in front of a TV or if you just prefer to watch sporting events on your computer or phone, I’ve got you covered. As long as you have a basic cable subscription, you’ll be able to watch every single game of the NCAA Tournament.

The games will be aired on either CBS, TNT, TBS, or truTV, which makes everything pretty damn confusing. There are different rules for different networks and different devices, but I’ll try to breakdown everything as best as I can.

How To Live Stream 2017 March Madness Online

If you have a cable or satellite subscription to TNT, TBS, and truTV, your best bet for watching the NCAA Tournament via a live stream is through the NCAA’s official site. All you have to do is plug in your cable or satellite provider information and you’re ready to watch every single game.

There will be 67 games shown over the NCAA Tournament, and thankfully, 24 will be broadcast on CBS. This means that for those 24 games you can head over to the NCAA’s site and watch the action without needing a cable or satellite provider. CBS has the two Final Four games and the National Championship, making this not a bad option if you just want to see the cream of the crop. For the remaining 23 games, you’ll need access to TNT, TBS, and truTV.

Watch 2017 March Madness On Phone, Tablet Or Mobile

If you can’t watch the NCAA Tournament on your TV or computer, you can still roll with the NCAA. Here are the links to download their app from the App Store and Google Play. Unfortunately, it’s similar to before when it comes to cable or satellite providers, as you need subscriptions to TNT, TBS, and truTV to watch all 67 games. And if you don’t have a subscription to CBS as well, streaming the games gets even trickier.

While you can watch the 24 CBS games for free on your phone, that’s not an option if you have a connected TV. For devices like Apple TVs, Amazon Fires, and Rokus, CBS requires you to use their All Access package. The limited commercials edition costs 5.99 a month, but there is a free seven-day trial. Just make sure to cancel it before the trial ends, so you won’t get charged for a subscription.

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