Winter Storm Stella Photos: Must-See Storm Pictures 2017

It seems that this winter needed to go out with a bang, with Winter Storm Stella hitting the northeast hard. While we may only be seven days away from spring, spring seems very far away with many people either bunkered down inside their homes or off in a warm part of the world seeing that their flight back is canceled.
Stella seems to have a varying degree of effect in the region, with some areas only getting light snowfall and others getting up to possibly 24-inches. The effect of the storm seems to be bleeding over into Wednesday with flights already being canceled. There is also cause for concern in some areas, with worry about the effect that the storm could have in regards to possible to flooding and power outages.

However, the blizzard warning in the New York region has been dropped, with more coverage stating the snow is more of a winter mix of sleet and snow. New York City also got downgraded in snowfall with just four to eight-inches of snow to be expected. Just as a safety precaution, many train and bus transits have suspended services on Tuesday, with the regular schedule to hopefully pick back up tomorrow. The New York subway system also suspended above ground services, but with below ground trains still in transit.
Due to blizzard predictions, many schools and offices are closed today. For many, it is a nice vacation day to stay at home and rest, while for others it just means they get to work from the comfort of their own home. The storm is expected to ease up later this evening.

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