That Tim Tebow… He's Doing… Things

Well, well, well, folks. Here we go. If it hasn’t already begun, the baseball version of Tebowmania is officially here.
As COED’s resident Mets fan, I’ve got to say… didn’t see this coming from ole’ Timmy Heisman. Even as a Jets fan who is well aware of Tebow’s cuck-job of Mark Sanchez from way back when, I’ve still always liked and rooted for the dude. He’s like Forrest Gump but intelligent. At least, that’s how I picture him.
But as much as I may have hoped for Tebow’s success, I’ve never really had faith in his skill. I knew he was an average quarterback who was going to flame out once teams had tape on him. I KNEW he was going to destroy Mark Sanchez’s confidence and cause the Jets to implode.
But I also thought I knew that his whole baseball career would be a gigantic sham, and yet here I am, about half a year later, watching Tebow rack in his first hit and make relatively impressive outfield plays.
Who knows? Maybe Tebow pulls off a literal miracle and fights his way onto a roster one day. I’ll tell you what, I couldn’t root against him even if I wanted to. The 2017 Mets have as good a chance to win a title as any Mets team in my 24-year lifetime, so you bet your ass I’ll be rooting for every ounce of that team, even if that means watching Tebow go 1-4 three times a week.
So, here you have it, Tim Tebow’s spring training hit and first highlight-worthy catch. Take it for what it is.

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