Kyle Busch Walked Up To Joey Logano & Punched Him Square In The Face After The Kobalt 400

Not to brag, but I’m kind of a NASCAR expert these days.
Ever since our homies at NASCAR shipped me down to Florida for the Daytona 500, I’ve become somewhat of an aficionado (and by aficionado, I mean I’ve watched NASCAR for three straight weekends).
Anyway, in my time as a NASCAR fan, I’ve learned that tensions can run quite high. And when you consider that these guys are competing at 0ver 200 mph in the hot sun, it’s easy to understand why.
Yesterday at the Kobalt 400, notorious pain-in-the-ass Kyle Busch (seriously, I feel like this dude’s always in the news for the wrong reasons), walked up to Joey Logano and socked him right in the face. He explained his motive to Fox Sports.
Via Fox Sports

“I got dumped,” “Flat out wrecked me. That’s how Joey races. He’s going to get it.”

Logano told a different story:

“There wasn’t too much talking, just a lot of swinging,” Logano told FOX Sports.
Asked to describe the incident that set Busch off, Logano replied: “I don’t know. I was racing him right there at the end with our Pennzoil Ford. … Kyle and I usually race really well together and don’t have any issues. He tried to pin me down into the corner underneath Brad. We about crashed and I was still trying to gather it up in the center. I was going to spin out, so I’m trying to chase it up (the track) and he was there…
It wasn’t intentional, but obviously he thinks that. So I don’t know.”

So, folks, you’re hearing it from the mouth of NASCAR expert Eric Italiano yourself: Joey Logano and Kyle Busch are definitely not bros.

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