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Erin Dietrich: Must-See Photos & Videos Of ‘Giraffe Mom’


Erin Dietrich, from Myrtle Beach, became an overnight internet sensation this week after she livestreamed her impression of April, a pregnant giraffe. Now we all have going viral on our bucket list, but Dietrich was able to knock that out and give birth to a healthy baby boy in the same week. She’s absolutely crushing the life game.

Dietrich went live on Facebook Wednesday afternoon from the hospital while wearing the giraffe mask that went viral earlier this week. On Sunday night, she livestramed herself pacing around her bedroom in leggings and the mask. It’s weird, it’s hilarious, it’s amazing. Basically, it’s the perfect internet video.

“You know, I never sleep at night anymore, so all night, I check on this giraffe,” she said.

Originally, Dietrich and her husband, Scott, thought the video would just be something goofy to share with friends. But the bit unexpectedly took off and now has more than 30 million views online. The inspiration for the video was a good-natured teasing of the millions of people who are tuning into the livestream of April the Giraffe, who is expected to give birth to her fourth calf any day now at AnimalAdventure Park in New York.

Check out Dietrich’s videos below and some must-see photos above.

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