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Some Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Best Picture Nominees’ Posters & It’s Glorious


The Academy Awards may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little bit fun with them (or continue making fun of Mel Gibson).

A Reddit user called Gmadjar put his handy-dandy Photoshopping skills to good use, editing himself into the movie posters of all nine Best Picture nominees. Unlike some of the forgettable films at this year’s Oscars (Denzel was phenomenal but Fences was not), Gmadjar’s work is everlasting and remarkable.

In fact, his new-and-improved movie posters were so popular that they catapulted him to the top page of Reddit Tuesday night. Not too shabby, Gmadjar.

Check out the gallery above to see this silent hero creepily watching Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s meet-cute in La La Land, feeding the background birds in Manchester by the Sea, and taking a stroll alongside the leading ladies of Hidden Figures.

It’s all gold.

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