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WATCH: Woman Stops Her Car In The Middle Of Traffic To Beat The Crap Out Of Her Passenger


WATCH: Woman Stops Traffic To Fight

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to ruuuuuuummmmbbbbblllllleeeeee.

Footage has emerged showing a woman stopping her car in traffic to drag her passenger out of the vehicle and deliver one heck of a beatdown as onlookers cheered her on. As seen in the video, the driver is punching and kicking a woman while pedestrians offer vocal support rather than stepping in to break up the brawl (gotta love modern society, eh?).

The smackdown, filmed in the United States, goes on for about a minute as the victim goes with the battle-tested strategy of curling up into a ball and doing nothing. Plus ten for her ability to consistently execute her game plan, minus ten for that plan being s—.

A driver who was behind the rumble car was able to film the entire attack (without getting out to help). The attacker can be heard screaming at her victim, calling her a “h–” and a “b—-” while punching and kicking her.

Check out the vicious mauling below.

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