'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Leaked Details Season 7, Episode 12

AMC’s The Walking Dead will continue tonight with the episode “Say Yes.” A lot has happened since the series returned from its mid-season hiatus last month. Rick and company are beginning to form loose alliances with neighboring tribes (including those creepy garbage dwelling people), Daryl escaped Negan’s compound and found Carol, Dwight is having a crisis of conscience and Eugene is plotting from within Negan’s own crew…The less we talk about Carl, the better.
There are a lot of moving parts to consider as The Walking Dead builds up to its climactic showdown between Rick and Negan. Sometimes, it helps to have a little extra knowledge to keep everything straight.
While there isn’t a ton of plot information, The Spoiling Dead Fans (who have an impressive track record of accuracy) have a few details from tonight’s episode that are worth taking a look at. If nothing else, you can pretend you psychic while watching with your roommates and prediction what’s going to happen.
Warning: Spoilers below
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