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Maryland’s Melo Trimble Hits Deeeep Three-Pointer To Beat Michigan State

Def Pen Sports' Twitter

Def Pen Sports’ Twitter

With 6.3 seconds left, Maryland was inbounding the ball under their own basket with the score tied at 60-60 against Michigan State. Everybody in the Xfinity Center knew that point guard extraordinaire Melo Trimble was taking the last shot, but it didn’t matter in the slightest. Watch Trimble pull up from the parking lot and rip the Spartans’ heart out.

Trimble is so goddamn clutch. He doesn’t even have ice water in his veins; he’s instead filled with liquid metal like the bad guy in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This was clearly not his first rodeo either.

With 0.8 seconds remaining on the clock, Michigan State actually got a pretty good look at the buzzer, but they couldn’t get their three-pointer to fall. Maryland would emerge victorious with a 63-60 win, giving them a 24-7 overall record and a 12-6 record in the Big Ten. The win locked up the #3 seed for the Terps in the Big Ten Tournament and guaranteed them a double bye.

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