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Inmate Attempts To Strangle Prison Guard, But The Rest Of The Inmates Have The Guard’s Back


Security cameras at the Falkenburg Road Jail in Tampa Bay, Florida, captured 22-year-old Kiondre Zachery attempting to strangle Deputy D. Hernandez.

Zachery is seen wrapping a towel around the 31-year-old officer’s neck in front of the 72 other inmates in the common area. Luckily for Hernandez, the rest of the inmates seem to like him more than they like fellow inmate Zachery and they were quick to have the deputy’s back.

Deputy Hernandez was seen shortly struggling with Zachery before he was able to escape. After Zachery appeared to try and punch Hernandez, fellow inmates pounced on him and helped tackle him to the ground. When your own team is turning on you, you know you must be a real asshole.

Hernandez, who has been a guard at the Falkenburg Road Jail for 10 months, suffered a twisted ankle, bruised knee, and abrasions to his neck from the attack.

Zachery, who was already serving on burglary charges, was subsequently charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and moved to an isolation cell after the incident.

The Hillsborough County Sherriff said that the inmates saved Hernandez from being seriously injured.

Due to the overall professionalism and respect that detention deputies display towards the inmates on a daily basis, the inmates came to the deputy’s aid preventing the deputy from being seriously injured ‘It also shows that because most inmates know that the deputies inside the pods are not adversaries and are treated fairly and with respect,’ the sheriff’s office said.

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