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George Bush Can’t Tell The Difference Between Himself & Will Ferrell’s Impression Of Him


Let’s wind the clocks back to the year 2010. If I told you back then that in 2017, Americans would be nostalgically looking back on George Bush’s presidency, would you believe me?

Of course not. If 2017 Eric told 2010 Eric that people would have a ‘good ole days’ sort of mentality about George Bush, I’d be really worried about my future self (time travel is confusing, don’t ask questions).

But, here we are, it’s 2017, and somehow, some way, the American public kinda sorta misses G-Dubs. That’s how far we’ve fallen. Sure, he was kind of an idiot, but he was also a kind idiot. I’d take a kind idiot over the semi-intelligent narcissistic we have today.

Anyway, in classic George Bush fashion, he reveals that he cannot remember if the word was ‘strategery’ was invented by himself… or Will Ferrell’s fictional portrayal of him.

In all, George Bush’s appearance on Kimmel was quite good. Dude just seems to be loving life these days.

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