The SAE Brothers At Michigan State University Were Blessed With A New Fraternity House

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers at Michigan State University have been blessed with a brand, spanking new fraternity house this semester, courtesy of some very generous alumni donations. The SAE house has been under renovation for some time now, but finally, the construction is finished, the house is redecorated, and the flag has been raised. We asked our Michigan State Campus Ambassador (and SAE brother) to send in some photos of the house looking all pristine before darty season begins.
What we saw from the pictures is a well-planned house, aka a first floor with a ton of open space for activities. The wooden dining room looks like it’s going to age with the sophistication of single-barrel whiskey. The chapter room is filled with multiple leather-bound chairs. And best of all: there’s a piano. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I saw a working piano in a fraternity house. Apparently, the brothers are using their smartphones to learn how to play.

Besides the piano, perhaps the nicest touch is the wooden map of the state of Michigan with a Spartan in the front. Why? Because the only thing that girls love more than puppies and pianos is an iconic backdrop for photos.
Point and case:

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