Detroit Rapper Molly Brazy Under Investigation After Pointing Gun At 2-Year-Old

Detroit police have launched an investigation into 18-year-old Molly Brazy after a video posted online shows the local “rapper” pointing a handgun at a young girl’s head.

The minute-long video shows Brazy pointing a firearm at the unnamed toddler and was shared on Facebook by G’Mac Cash, another Detroit rapper.

The video shows the toddler picking up the gun and throwing it at her, with Brazy reacting by picking it up and pointing it at the child. The rapper’s manager, who would not reveal their name, insisted the gun in the video is a fake plastic gun. Molly Brazy’s manager goes on to say that the video is roughly a month old and the young rapper knows it was wrong.

Via Fox 2:

“We’ve seen so much infant mortality in this city in the past year. Messing around with guns like that is not a smart thing to do. It’s very irresponsible and reckless,” Woody said

“She was playing with the baby, and the baby was playing with her.She’s remorseful about it. If she could do it over she would,” Brazy’s manager said.

Brazy has admitted that she grew up in a gang, which she refers to as a “mafia,” and that all four of her older brothers were currently serving time in jail.

What Happened?

Brazy is under investigation after a video posted on Facebook shows a toddler throwing what appears to be a pistol at Brazy and Brazy reacting by pointing the gun at the toddler’s head.

Who Is Molly Brazy?

Molly Brazy is an 18-year-old “rapper” from Detriot under investigation for pointing a gun at a toddler.


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