Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity: History, Alumni & Must-See Details

Looking for information on Alpha Epsilon Pi? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. We’ve got all of the details on the fraternity’s history, chapters, alumni, and of course, their affinity for throwing absolute bangers. So without further ado, let’s break down everything you need to know about Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Details

Letters: ΑΕΠ
Founded: November 7, 1913
Chapters: 186
Members: over 102,000
Notable Alumni: Gary Bettman (NHL Commissioner), Wolf Blitzer (CNN Correspondent), James L. Brooks (The Simpsons Developer), Art Garfunkel (Singer), Jerry Lewis (Comedian), Jerry Reinsdorf (Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox Owner), Gene Wilder (Actor), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder)

Alpha Epsilon Pi History

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded on November 7, 1913 at New York University by Charles C. Moskowitz and 10 other Jewish men. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity, but it is open to students of all religions. In 1917, the fraternity expanded, as a second chapter was created at Cornell University.
While most frats are national, Alpha Epsilon Pi is truly a worldwide brotherhood. In 2009, Alpha Epsilon Pi became the first fraternity to have a chapter in Israel, and in 2016, they became the first fraternity to have a chapter in Australia.
The Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation is where the fraternity carries out their philanthropic efforts. This charitable foundation provides scholarships, grants, and trips to Israel through fundraiser events and donations.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Party Videos

Not only does Alpha Epsilon Pi hit the fundraiser scene hard, but they also know how to have a good time. Check out these wild videos from USC’s Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter’s paint parties.

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