The Daytona International Speedway Is Unlike Any Venue In The United States

I grew up in New Jersey, so I’ve always called Giants Stadium and Metlife Stadium home. When I think of sports, any sport, I think of the Meadowlands.
The old Meadowlands could hold about 80,000 people and Metlife about 82 on a good day. So to me, I always thought that a Sunday afternoon at a Giants game was going to be the most people I’d ever be around in my life.
Shocker: I was wrong.

The sheer size of the Daytona International Speedway truly needs be seen in person to be comprehended. The best way to describe the Daytona Speedway is that it’s a city inside of a city. The Daytona International Speedway could literally be it’s own city. That’s how big, full, and alive the place is.
Restaurants. Bars. Gift Shops. I’m pretty sure I saw a car dealership and a Microsoft center. Everything you’ve ever needed is at Daytona. You name it and the Daytona Speedway probably had it. Especially beer, which realistically, is kind of all that matters.
However, the sweetest part of the whole place, by far, was the fan zone.
There was a concert bumping on one side and a Toyota truck demo on the other. Hell, even Budweiser had it’s own Bistro. 
As a New Yorker, I’ve always assumed that I’ve seen the best that this fine country has to offer. Food, sports, entertainment — I always thought New York was the mecca.
Well folks, I’m here to tell you that yet again, I was wrong — the Daytona International Speedway is unlike anything we have in this country, and if I were you, I’d put it at the top of your bucket list. ASAP.

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