FPS Games 2017: Top 5 Must-Play First Person Shooters

First person shooters are some of the most popular and best-selling genres out there. Always pushing the limits of the hardware they are released on, FPS games often become the flagship titles for their respective consoles. Though some FPS games have become an annual tradition, with Call of Duty‘s sale numbers dropping hard in 2016, the throne is empty for a new first person shooter to become king. There are plenty of great games releasing throughout the coming year and we have picked some of the best titles to look out for in 2017.
Here is our list of the top five most exciting first person shooters releasing this year.


Developer: Arkane Studios
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: May 5, 2017


As genre-bending as it is, I would be remiss if I did not mention one of the most anticipated games of the year. Prey is a reboot (definitely not a sequel) of a 2006 game with the same name. Instead of taking control of a mildly-depressed Native American man who is unhappy with his life on the reservation, you will take control of either a male or female version of Morgan Yu in the year 2032. Aboard a space station commissioned by an un-assassinated John F. Kennedy, you will fight your way through hoards of mysterious aliens in this open-world shooter. We have seen the inclusion of powers and abilities akin to the System Shock and Bioshock games, which is always a good thing. An hour of gameplay was just released yesterday and if Arkane Studios can manage to maintain the same level of awesome we saw in the demo for the entire duration of the game, we may just have a game of the year contender on our hands.

Quake Champions

Developer: id Software
Platforms: PC
Release Date: TBD 2017


If the success of 2016’s Doom reboot is any indication, people are ready for some throwbacks to a more old-school style of FPS. Gamers are ready to switch-up the tactics of the most recent generation of shooters and replace them with some high-octane, rocket-jumping deathmatch mayhem. Quake Champions promises to deliver the same blood-pumping, high-flying action that fans have come to expect from a Quake title with some serious graphical improvements. Champions will be the first proper entry in the Quake series since 2005 so it will be really fun to see what id Software has been able to come up with during the series’ twelve-year hiatus.

Star Citizen

Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
Platforms: PC, Linux
Release Date: TBD 2017


Another incredibly ambitious title, Star Citizen will attempt to be so much more than just a first person shooter. Star Citizen wants to be the universe. Developed via the second most successful campaign in Kickstarter history, Star Citizen is a hybrid FPS, space-combat simulator. Players will be able to explore a massively multiplayer persistent universe and engage in firefights or co-operate with other players. Star Citizen will also feature “emergent gameplay generated by players” and new, developer-made content released on a regular basis. If this gameplay demo is indicative of the final product, forget game of the year… this could be the game of the century.

Destiny 2

Developer: Bungie
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Ps4
Release Date: TBD 2017
Instagram @destinythegame
Destiny has changed substantially since it was first released in 2014. Although still fun, vanilla Destiny became a relentless albeit addictive grind. Bungie has continued to expand on the initial game with updates and expansions and two years later we have a much more polished and worthy title for it. Though we have yet to see any gameplay of Destiny 2 (or a trailer for that matter), we can rest assured that Bungie will build on the world and gameplay they have developed and release a much more complete and rewarding experience from the get-go. Although info is scarce on the development of Destiny 2, given the news that broke last week about Activision attaining a massive amount of Bungie stock if the game doesn’t release this year, it is safe to say that the release target should be met.

Battlefront 2

Developer: DICE
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: TBD 2017
Instagram @starwars.battlefront
I’m almost ashamed to put this on the top five. After the disappointment of Star Wars Battlefront, DICE has made it really difficult not to be cautious about getting my hopes up for the sequel. However, with the impressive updates to Battlefront and the promise of a singleplayer campaign using that gorgeous Frostbite engine, it is hard not to salivate with my mouth agape just thinking about it. My initial impressions of the first Battlefront were that it was an incomplete game, but if DICE manages to maintain the essence of the original while building on that concept further, we may have a truly special Star Wars game on our hands the likes we haven’t seen since the days of Dark Forces.

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