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Ryan Alexander Duke: Full Story and Must-See Details


Ryan Alexander Duke

Ryan Alexander Duke has been arrested and charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) on the suspicion of the murder of Tara Grinstead. Tara’s disappearance has been one of the largest unsolved cases in United States history. In fact, it was the subject of an up-and-coming podcast Up and Vanished. Although the case has been highly investigated for years, Duke’s name had not turned up in many of the investigations that were made.

The investigation is far from over, and new questions are being asked, but now at least there’s been some positive movement in the disappearance of a woman who’s been gone for so long.

Who Is Ryan Alexander Duke?

Ryan Alexander Duke was a student at Irwin County School, the high school where Tara Grinstead taught. Duke graduated high school in 2002 and Grinstead disappeared in 2005, so the relationship of that connection is not yet known.

Duke was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and a warrant was issued for his arrest Thursday morning.

What Happened?

As far as what broke the new development, there are reports that recently a new person came forward with new information. Through this interview, Ryan Alexander Duke’s name came up.

“We found a few items that were mentioned from our source,” GBI Special Agent in Charge J.T. Ricketson said in the press conference. “We did not find any remains or anything like that, which was disappointing to us.”

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