Ryan Alexander Duke Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Charged Killer

Ryan Alexander Duke has been arrested for the murder of Tara Grinstead, a former Georgia school teacher and beauty pageant queen who went missing in October of 2015. The 12-year-old case has received much attention over the years as authorities have made little concrete progress until now.

What Happened?

Grinstead, 30, attended a Saturday-night cookout at the former Irwin County school superintendent’s family’s house. That was the last time she was ever seen.
Her sister, Anita Gattis, told The Atlantic Journal-Constitution in February 2006 that her sister would not have left the BBQ on her own. Gattis believes her sister must have left with someone she knew on the night of her disappearance. Her house was locked but her car, a white Mitsubishi 3000 GT, was unlocked and in the carport, with $100 in the console and clay on the tired.
“Tara never left her car unlocked and never drove on dirt roads,” Gattis said.
Grinstead’s cellphone was found by police at her home, as was a latex glove found outside.
“There was no struggle in the house. Tara was a singer. That was her talent in pageants,” Gattis said. “If someone was removing her, she’d project her voice. And she took self-defense. She’d go out kicking and screaming.”
Grinstead is the subject of the popular podcast Up and Vanished.


A source contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigations two years ago in February with new information that led authorities to a small pond on some private property in Fitzgerald, on the north side of Ben Hill County.
“We found a few items that were mentioned from our source,” GBI Special Agent in Charge J.T. Ricketson said. “We did not find any remains or anything like that, which was disappointing to us.”

Who Is Ryan Alexander Duke?

Ryan Alexander Duke graduated from the Irwin County School district where Grinstead taught in 2002. However, Grinstead did not began teaching at the school until 2005. Duke was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and a warrant for his arrest was issued Thursday morning.
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Ryan Alexander Duke: Full Story and Must-See Details
Ryan Alexander Duke: Full Story and Must-See Details
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