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Kid Gets Lit Up By Parked SUV While Playing Football In The Street

Dylan Calhoun's Twitter

Dylan Calhoun’s Twitter

Some kids were playing street football when their game was rudely interrupted by a parked SUV. Watch a young buck roast his defender with a slick double move, then get promptly laid out by the car.

That’s all on the quarterback. He left his receiver out to dry by throwing that pass way too late and without enough zip on it. But even though that quarterback is clearly a bum, I still have to tip my cap to the vehicle. He read that play perfectly and lowered the boom like a prime Ronnie Lott. Dean will most definitely think about that menacing SUV’s presence the next time he comes over the middle. That’s how even the most fearless receivers can develop a case of alligator arms.

Football analysis aside, that was a fantastic video. Loved how we got the warning, the thunderous collision, and the concerned reaction of the cameraman in rapid succession. That trifecta is a key competent in going viral, and these guys pulled it off masterfully. Bravo, gentlemen, bravo.

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