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Jordan Peele’s Impression Of A Drunk & Depressed Obama Gets An A+ For Accuracy


The American public aren’t the only ones who miss President Obama.

Jordan Peele, whose most famous sketch may be his impersonation of Barack Obama, is clearly missing Obama too. After all, his likeness paid Key and Peele’s bills for a couple of years, as their “Obama Anger Translator” was one of their most well-known sketches.

Stopping by Late Night with Seth Meyers, Peele dusted off his old Obama impression, imagining what the 44th President is thinking as he watches the country crumble under Trump’s presidency.

“Obama, he’s gotta be like, he’s on vacation, he’s gotta be watching TV with like, whiskey,” Peele told Meyers. “This is some messed up stuff, here… Michelle, top- top- top her off, Michelle, top her off. Ehhh, okay, you’ve gone done did it now, America!”

Right there with you, Jordan Peele’s Obama impression. Right there with you.

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