Scott Van Pelt’s Impression Of Desiigner Is Out Of This World


Scott Van Pelt has been ESPN’s coolest anchor for like a decade now. Dude just gets it, ya know? Where athletes either do or do not have ‘the clutch gene,’ SVP just has the chill gene. He’s able to keep up with the times without coming off as an old man who’s trying too hard. If you’re up late enough for his hour of SportsCenter, I suggest you check it out, because the dude is doing something different than everyone else on the channel (other than Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, they’re dope too).

So, it’s no surprise that SVP can bust out a hilarious Desiigner impression without any warning. OF COURSE, he’s got that in his arsenal. Sure, it’s not a very hard impression to pull off –just make a bunch of guttural gorilla/gun noises– but it takes some balls to just unleash that on national television.

While we’re here, we all agree that Desiigner is the worst right? Like it isn’t just me? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a rapper whose sound I dislike more.

Alex Trebek from "Jeopardy" saying rap lyrics is the best thing SVP saw today. 😂

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