Idiot Wife Donates Husband's Jacket With Thousands Of Dollars Stashed In It To GoodWill

Man, now I know why my dad’s always getting pissed at my mom for moving his shit around. He’s probably storing some serious stacks in there.
But in all seriousness, beautiful women of the world, THIS is why you just need to leave our stuff the hell alone or at the very least, ask us about it before you decide its fate.
Linda Hoffman of Placentia, California dropped off a bag of old clothes to Goodwill without knowing that there was $8,000 in theĀ pocket of one of her husband’s old shirts. Not only that, but the money was a secret vacation stash that her husband had been saving for six years and was planning to use on a surprise trip to Italy with his wife when he retired.
Via ABC:

Bob Hoffman had been secretly saving the cash for six years, planning to surprise his wife with a vacation to Italy when he retired. Two days later he realized the shirt – and his money – were missing.
He then fessed up to his secret plan and the two of them rushed over to the Goodwill donation center. Employees scrambled to track down the shirt, but had no luck.
“We looked at it as if it was gone, that we hoped it would go to somebody to help that family out,” Linda Hoffman said.
It wasn’t until the next day that Goodwill employee Caitlin Mulvihill came across a bulky pile of dress-up shirts. As she sifted through it, she found the shirt with Bob’s stash.
“I describe it as a miracle,” Hoffman said. “I would say that it was honest people and what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were.”

I can tell you right now, the Hoffmans are LUCKY I wasn’t working at this GoodWill. Sorry, but I would have pocketed that shit in a second. If you’re too dumb and/or lazy to take the time to at least double checkĀ what you’re about to give away, then you don’t deserve whatever it is you just unknowingly gave away.
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