The New Facebook Update Will Make You Want To Smash Your Computer

Software updates and system changes may be common in this day and age, but that doesn’t make them any less irritating. Unfortunately, Facebook is getting in on the update game and their latest changes are not going to be pleasant. Here are the four major Facebook updates you need to be aware of:

  • Videos in newsfeed will now play with sound
  • Vertical videos
  • Watch and scroll
  • Facebook video app for TV

At first glance, these don’t seem all that threatening. But think about it for a moment. You know all of those political videos your socially conscious friend posts once an hour every hour? Or how about that one couple that simply can’t stop posting videos of their infant child (we get it, your baby can take four steps and fall down. Awesome!)? Yeah, well now all of that content is going to play with sound as you scroll through your newsfeed unless you go in and disable the feature. That’s not going to be fun, especially if you’re on your phone in a quiet classroom and one of your smartass Facebook friends decided to post a Rick Roll video that day.
At this point, you should be concerned about the intrusive sound blaring at you. But that’s not all. With this latest update, the video is going to go vertical on your screen. As you continue scrolling, images and sounds will be fired at you with reckless abandon like that brainwashing scene in A Clockwork Orange.
It’s unknown when Facebook will officially be installing these new updates, but be on the lookout for any new obnoxious video features. Always keep your devices on silent and be sure to adjust your settings to disable any inconvenient Facebook interruptions.

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