Colorado Mountain College Campus Evacuated After Bomb Threat

The Leadville campus of Colorado Mountain College was evacuated Monday after a reported bomb threat. The only suspect in the case was arrested and is now in the custody of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.
The bomb threat was reported around 9:20 A.M. local time. An alert was issued to the public around 10:00 A.M. Monday saying that the campus was on “lockout.”

“The sheriff’s office is on campus to assist with evacuation of the campus. If you are not on campus, please stay away,” the alert said.

The Pinnacle and New Discovery buildings of the CMC campus were evacuated.
Via ABC:

First described as an active threat, authorities swarmed the campus, calling in the Department of Corrections to help establish a perimeter, as well as the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad to aid in the investigation.
Investigation is continuing, but officers confirmed they located a suspicious backpack in a building that need to be evaluated by explosives professionals.
Police confirmed a suspect had been taken into custody hours after acknowledging the threat, noting they believe this is the only suspect in the threat. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office helped to partially evacuate the Colorado Mountain College campus, then place the school on lockout.

The Colorado Mountain College canceled its remaining Monday classes with regular class schedules resuming Tuesday, according to the school.
The Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, Colorado hosts between 100 and 200 full-time students.

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