Canada Figured Out A Way To Derail President Trump's Patently Outrageous Handshake

I came into Donald Trump‘s presidency trying my damnedest to keep an open mind. ‘Maybe he’s the shake-up we need’ or ‘maybe he isn’t so bad after all’ are just some of the lies I told myself to try and wrap my head around the fact that our country elected a reality television star to our its highest office.
Well, we’re only a couple of weeks into Donald Trump’s America and it’s been far, far worse than I thought. Far worse than anyone really expected, as Trump is currently sitting at a 40% approval rating, which is an all-time low for a new president.
But, even with all the turmoil and despair that has come out of Trump’s administration, there has been one shining aspect of The Donald’s short reign, and that’s been his absolutely preposterous handshake game.
Whether it’s due to a lack of competent motor skills or lack of giving a f*ck has yet to be determined. All I know is that Donald Trump’s handshake game is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I’m downright enthralled every time it pops up.

However, Trump’s glorious hand-shaking days may be coming to an end after Canadian Prime Minister┬áJustin Trudeau visited the White House, where he was having absolutely none of Trump’s antics, killing his handshake upon arrival.

World leaders, take note: You gotta come in close, grab his shaking arm, and hold on for dear life. It’s the only way to avoid getting yourself literally jerked around by the Donald.

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