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20 Greatest Yearbook Quotes That Will Never Be Topped


It’s difficult to make great decisions when you’re 18 years old, especially when it comes to yearbook quotes. That’s why you’re probably regretting that super deep and meaningful Nickelback lyric right about now. It’s okay, lame yearbook quotes are a rite of passage for young adults, just like sending your first drunk text to a member of the opposite sex. But every now and then, one brave and brilliant graduating senior bucks the trend and delivers the perfect goodbye to their graduating class, a send-off that deserves to live on for all of eternity.

Well, after an exhausting investigative effort on our part (read: Google Search), we’ve found the best yearbook quotes ever. These are the crème de la crème when it comes to senior quotes and will forever immortalize these gangly, awkward teens barreling forward into adulthood and the dreaded real world. Take a look at the 20 greatest yearbook quotes of all time and try not to crack up with overpowering laughter, we dare you.

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