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Tourist Gets Too Close, Elephant Launches Her Away With Trunk

Live Leak

Live Leak

A woman in Thailand learned the hard way not to get too close to an elephant. Watch the elephant effortlessly fling her away with its trunk in this hilarious video.

Goddamn, the elephant got some distance on that one! She flew backwards like she caught a Mike Vick pass in an old Powerade commercial. An elephant never forgets, and I’m positive that woman will never forget getting launched to the moon by an elephant.

Via the video description, here’s what she had to say about her elephant encounter.

“I went to Thailand with a group of friends after planning the trip for about 8 months. Elephants were my favorite animal. Elephant things are all over my desk at work. I have elephant clothes and elephant kitchen tools. So, going to the elephant sanctuary was supposed to be the highlight of my trip. I was also planning on getting an elephant bamboo tattoo while I was in Thailand, which I definitely didn’t do after this experience. I went from loving elephants, to now being terrified of them.”

I guess this is why they say to never meet your heroes. You think you’re going to have this amazing bonding experience, but instead, you get your ass trunk sticked. Talk about a letdown.

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