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The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Is Now Getting In Brawls On Airplanes




I feel like America turning this 13-year-old’s mental breakdown into an internet meme is a microcosm of the state of our country. Is this kid a patently ridiculous and downright unbearable individual? Sure. But the key word in that sentence is kid. This chick that Dr. Phil pimped out on the internet should probably still be in middle school. And instead of being a f*ck up in private like most preteens are (myself included), she’s unraveling in front of the entire nation. That just ain’t fair.


We’ve learned Danielle Bregoli and her mom were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX last night … when Mom got into a dispute with a female passenger.

We’re told Danielle’s mother was struggling to put her carry-on bag in the overhead, because she’s wearing a walking cast for an injured foot … and the wait wasn’t sitting well with the third party.

According to witnesses, Danielle says the other woman put her hands on her mom’s throat, and that’s why she had to “cold-cock” the unidentified passenger.

Police would arrive a short time later and take all three off of the plane. Nobody wanted to press charges so there were no arrests, and everyone involved decided their lawyers would handle it from there.

I think I caught an interview with Dr. Phil saying that Cash Me Ousside would be appearing on his show again. Philly, if you’re even half the decent human you pretend to be, you should be taking this girl out of the spotlight ASAP before something serious happens.

People complain about cyberbullying? What do you think the internet is saying about this poor girl? I rarely feel sympathy for people like this because I feel they’ve dug their own graves, but I truly feel sorry for this 13-year-old.

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