Super Bowl 51 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Images & Jokes

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots‘ legendary comeback from being down 28-3 sparked some of the best memes we’ve seen in a while. After Super Bowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons have now joined a list spanning from the Golden State Warriors to the Cleveland Indians, entering the category of teams known for giving up massive leads in championship games from 2016-17.

The Patriots were absolutely shredded in the first half of the Super Bowl, leading to memes ripping apart Brady and Bill Belichick. From cheating to deflating footballs, the material was gold. Just when you thought the game couldn’t get better, the Patriots came all the way back. The Falcons were left as the ones being laughed at in memes for the ages. Oh, and Roger Goodell wasn’t left out of the mix in what seemed to be the most awkward handshake ever with Brady.

The Falcons have continued last year’s streak of blown leads and even Hillary Clinton was not spared by the internet.

It Sureeee Does Look Like James White Was Down Before Reaching The Endzone
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