WATCH: 15-Year-Old Hulk Makes Benching 225 Pounds Look So Easy, He Does 31 Reps

Robert Cooper is a pure beast at bench-pressing. He’s also an up-and-coming high school football star in Snellville, Georgia. He’s a four-star defensive tackle at South Gwinnett High School, where he imposes his might on the gridiron. He’s quite an imposing player at 6’3″ and 350 pounds of destruction. College football scouts are definitely looking out for Cooper. Last year, he shocked his coaches and teammates when he was able to bench press 31 reps of 225 pounds. This kid is unbelievable.
Cooper is now a 16-year-old junior and is dedicated to Florida State Football’s 2018 Recruiting Class. I wonder be surprised to see this guy in NFL in five years time. If that doesn’t work out then he’ll definitely fit right in the WWE landscape.
Look below to watch the video of Cooper pushing it to the limit:

Seriously, this kid could be in the NFL like right now. The 225-pound bench press is a very vital part of the NFL Rookie Combine. According to Tomahawk Nation, there aren’t many rookies in the NFL who can bench more than Cooper. This kid is totally badass. In the 2016 NFL Rookie Combine, only six rookies could out-lift this mini hulk. Meanwhile, at the 2015 NFL Rookie Combine, just ten players were able to best the 15-year-old Cooper. We can only imagine how much this kid can bench press now. He might just be unstoppable.
Cooper can potentially be the future of football. We’ll have to wait a little while until we see him compete collegiate or professionally, but damn can this kid lift. He’ll hope to sign with the Florida State Seminoles next year, but for now, he’ll have to stick to his local high school football field.
Cooper must be asking the world, “Do you even lift, bro?”

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