Badass Old Man With A Cane Stops Attack On Female Bus Driver

Man, we needed this one. Despite what recent headlines may have you believe, America is still full of inherently good, compassionate people, and this man right here, who doesn’t appear to have much for himself in the first place, is just one of the many.
Best part of the whole story? The haven’t identified who the good samaritan is. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is looking to identify the man who came to the aid of the driver so it can recognize him but they have not been able to get his information yet. Dude didn’t even stick around to give a statement to the police or, as most people would do, to take credit. He did the right thing and carried on with his day. That’s how true heroes act.

The attack, which was caught on surveillance video, occurred about 12:30 A.M. Saturday near 35th Street and Troost Avenue. The bus was headed south at the time.
A male rider approached the front of the bus and said something “really vulgar” to the bus driver. The rider then moved into her space and touched her, said Cindy Baker, chief public affairs officer for the KCATA.
At that point, an older bus passenger got up from his seat, came forward and started beating the alleged attacker with a cane. He hit the alleged attacker about five times, Baker said.

That allowed the bus driver to escape the bus. Police arrived within moments and took the suspect into custody.

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