Apparently, Saying 'Fries Extra Crispy' At Burger King Will Score You Some Pot

Yo, I always knew I low-key f*cked with The King for a reason. I mean, just look up. This guy parties. I’ve always hated McDonald’s, but once that whole creepy clown movement began a couple months ago, I really became Team #F*ckRonaldMcDonald. As for my girl Wendy, well, she’s exactly that: a girl. So that just leaves our boy BK, who I would definitely love to party with.
Or at the very least, party with his employees. According to the NH1, two street-level drug dealers were using their local fast food drive-through window as a way to sling marijuana. What a time to be alive.
Via NH1:

Epping Police Chief Mike Wallace said Thursday that Raymond residents Garrett Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were arrested Saturday after police were tipped off to the drug operation using the Burger King restaurant drive-through window.
We obtained enough evidence that pointed to the employee, Norris, was selling marijuana though the drive-through. It was substantiated with the with sting operation. We went in later that evening and arrested him and the shift manager,” said Wallace.
Wallace said buyers would arrive at the restaurant and ask for “Nasty Boy.” “Once it was verified he was working they had to ask for their fries extra crispy.” Money was exchanged at the drive-through window.
The drugs were not put with any food ordered but were sold in a separate container.

Two years ago, back in the simpler times of 2015, this would be something only seen in movies. But since 2016 and 2017 have been an upside down, Candyland-version of planet Earth, this is the type of shit that happens now.
Not that I’m complaining. Who knew New Hampshire was so turnt?
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