WATCH: Tennessee Player Splits Pants While Celebrating Dunk From The Bench

Last night was full of upsets in college basketball. #1 Villanova lost 74-72 to Marquette, #2 Kansas lost 85-69 to #18 West Virginia, and #4 Kentucky lost 82-80 to Tennessee. While all three of these games were big deals in the college basketball landscape, only one of these contests featured a player splitting their pants.

Watch Tennessee walk-on Lucas Campbell get so fired up by teammate Robert Hubbs’ dunk that he suffers a wardrobe malfunction.

Tennessee upset Kentucky, and these pants could hardly contain their excitement. 😳 #Vols

— Campus Insiders (@CampusInsiders) January 25, 2017

At least he had his shorts on underneath or else that “Fat Guy In A Little Coat” impression could’ve taken a very graphic turn. Besides the risk of having a pants splitting incident, riding the bench for a college basketball team looks like an absolute blast.

You get to celebrate like crazy, do cool handshakes, brag to babes on campus, and you have to deal with none of the pressure of actually playing. You get all of the perks of winning without having to contribute in the slightest. Talk about the American Dream.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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