Cowboy Hat-Clad Customers Leave African American Waitress $450 Tip In Washington D.C.

Yes, finally, a feel-good story involving Donald Trump‘s presidency. For the last week there have been protests, chaos, and complaining, so it’s nice to see that somewhere out there, there are still normal people doing normal, kind things. A waitress at Busboys & Poets received a nice surprise: A generous tip, way over the standard 20%, and it came from someone the waitress did not expect.
The Monday after Inauguration Day started out as an ordinary day for Rosalynd Harris, who works at Busboys & Poets’ 14th and V Streets location in Washington D.C. However, an ordinary day turned into an incredible one.
via WUSA9:

“I could tell they were from the south because they had their cowboy hats on and I was like, ‘Oh, you’re not from the city,'” Harris said.
“It was an interesting situation because it is a Liberal, Democratic kind of feel to the entire Busboys establishment, the people that come in, the people it attracts,” she said.
“He just told me he had never experienced that kind of atmosphere before,” remembered Harris.

Rosalynd Harris
As Harris would learn, the three customers were all from West Texas and were visiting D.C. for President Trump’s inauguration. Harris’ service clearly made an impression on the men.

As Harris cleared the table, she saw what one of the men wrote on the check.
“The note says, ‘We may come from different cultures, and we may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people, not race, not gender, just American. God bless.”
Then, at the bottom of the $70.00 receipt was this: a $450.00 tip.
“We may have different opinions and disagree on different issues, but the fact that he still looked at me as an equal and someone of value, it said something, like OK, not all hope is lost,” Harris said.

Harris says she plans to use the money to pay her bills.
It’s about goddamn time America’s natural, kind light shined through. We’ve been wading in the darkness for too long, and it’s random acts of kindness like this that are going to drag us out.

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