The Internet Thinks One Of Trump’s Secret Service Agents Used Fake Hands At The Inauguration

The internet has done it again and invented a borderline baseless, absolutely bonkers theory and this time, the subject involves the legitimacy of a Secret Service agent’s hands.

Whether it be on Twitter, YouTube, or any of the other hundreds of social media websites, eagle-eyed (or crackhead)¬†viewers noted this Secret Service agent’s arms did not move at all during the 2.5-mile walk.

One YouTube user said, “That is a prosthetic arm, tucked in his coat, that agent is carrying a long gun under his coat, and he is right handed. He is holding his long gun, up close and under his right armpit, prob a rifle SBR or sub-machine gun.”

The theory comes from the analysis of video footage as President Trump, his wife Melania, and son Barron went on the traditional walkabout down Pennsylvania Avenue after Friday’s inauguration surrounded by a team of bodyguards, one of whom was oddly still.

The logic behind the prosthetic arms is that the agent actually has his hands under his coat, on a gun, ready to rock in case of emergency.

However, the internet, as usual, was wrong, as one Twitter user was able to find video where the agent wiggles his fingers. Still, gotta respect the internet for its¬†innate ability to make something out of nothing. Even though their assumptions were wildly false, it still gave me a good chuckle, and that’s alright with me.

No, his arms weren't fake.

— God Guns Guts Glory (@The4GNet) January 22, 2017

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