Taking Off Your Clothes In The Middle Of An LA Fitness Has Got To Be Against Gym Rules, Right?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that getting naked in the middle of your local LA Fitness and trying to fight the customers is probably against the rules. I’m a Planet Fitness guy myself (aka I’m broke), so I’ve seen some pretty ratchet sh*t, but nothing to this level. I’ve always thought LA Fitness was supposed to be the upscale gym.

The description on YouTube merely says:

Woman at LA fitness got mad and wanted to fight one of the customer at LA fitness and then things got worst lol

An Instagram user who uploaded the video further elaborated on the situation:

While the video is currently being hosted on YouTube, it’s still relatively not safe for work, so I’ll just link to that HERE (in case Youtube deletes the video, you can also find it HERE). You should watch it because that level of shamelessness is truly a sight to behold.

[h/t Barstool]

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