Bowling Green Student Thought She Saw KKK On Campus, Makes Fool Out Of Herself

A Bowling Green State University student thought she came across a massive scandal. While on campus this past Sunday, she took a video of what she believed to be a KKK member.

I will admit that her footage definitely resembles the outfit of one of those racist dickheads, but it turns out that she was way off-base. Here’s Bowling Green President Mary Ellen Mazey’s reply, showing exactly why the Jump to Conclusions Mat would’ve been a game changer.

Lab equipment cover, Klansman, tomato, tomahto.

Mary Ellen Mazey’s Twitter

Mary Ellen Mazey’s Twitter

Confusing a lab equipment cover for a KKK member is peak 2017. Everybody is so damn uptight that they are always ready to make something out of nothing. Instead of trying to go viral with some bombshell story, maybe take a step back and try to find out the truth before tweeting such reckless allegations.

She doesn’t seem to be very remorseful either. What a half-assed apology.

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