Must-See Photos From The LA Women’s March

The inauguration of Donald Trump has set off a firestorm of feminist fervor. An ocean of women are flowing all throughout the streets of the world. Millions of women in cities all throughout the globe are taking part in marches to express their displeasure at the current state of affairs in the White House.
Before we get to LA, let’s take a look at yesterday’s march inside the nation’s capital. Washington DC was awash with feminist fire. The DC Women’s March was an outlet of attention, which attracted an estimated 500,000 people. These women have certainly grabbed the attention of the globe. In many major cities from New York to New Zealand, feminist protests are springing up to speak out against Trump.
I’ll take us all to downtown Los Angeles where many women march and protest the president. Known celebrities join them including pop singer Miley Cyrus, James Franco, Jane Fonda, and many more.
They’re marching in unison, gaining ground in their feminist fight. President Donald Trump is their prime target. They don’t want to be governed by this man who they depict as a tyrant towards women (among other things). And they’ve taken to the streets to make sure that their voices are heard. They’ll hope to speak loud enough to be heard by the highest echelons of government.
Look below for 33 must-see photos from the LA Women’s March. They’re looking to spread their message. Now, it’s their chance for their voice to be heard by the COED audience and beyond! Let the roar resound!


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